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Membership Agreement

The access and use of Site Memberships is provided to you by HOMITO on the understanding that you agree to the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement and the Terms of Use and by visiting or using the Site Memberships, you shall be deemed to agree to the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement and the Terms of Service. If you do not agree to approve and comply with this Membership Agreement and the Terms of Use, please do not visit or use the Site Membership. In the event of discrepancies between this Membership Agreement and the Terms of Use, the terms of this Membership Agreement shall prevail.
HOMITO reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion, to amend all or part of this Membership Agreement and the changes shall come into effect immediately upon notice on the Site. Your continued use of the Site Membership Sites after the publication of such notice shall constitute your binding acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement, as well as any changes made by HOMITO as above. If the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement are no longer acceptable to you, immediately terminate using the Site Membership.
1. Credits for ads and news
Credits for ads and publishing of news can be purchased from the Purchase Page for credits on the Site’s Membership. Credits can be purchased online with VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal or with a bonus check.
The price of credits purchased through the Website shall be the price quoted on the Website at the time of purchase. When you enter your credit card information, you warrant that you are the cardholder and that the billing information specified is correct. By purchasing the product or service, you grant HOMITO the right to charge the specified credit card or PayPal account for the total amount of the purchase.

If you live in New Zealand, India, United Arab Emirates or Thailand and choose to pay with a credit card to purchase a credit pack, the payment will be processed through a European acquirer and constitute an agreement between you and Getty Images International. You are responsible for all applicable taxes and any third party fees (including but not limited to credit card fees, currency charges and cross-border charges).
If you are a resident of Brazil and buy credits with your credit card, you should also be deemed to agree to the following:
a) You grant us, and payment service providers who can process payments to us, the right to terminate currency contracts and remit funds in connection with payments made by credit card.
b) Any payment vendors treating transactions to us are not responsible for debiting taxes that may arise from this action.

2. Use of content
You acknowledge that the Website contains or may contain information, software, photos, illustrations, audio files, video files, animations, flash files, data files, codecs, or other material (collectively “Content”) protected by copyright, trademarks or other proprietary rights of HOMITO and their affiliates or other third parties (including other members).
You may not, in whole or in part, modify, publish, send, transfer or sell, recreate, create derivative works from, distribute, display, display, backcompile or otherwise use Content except as expressly permitted in this Membership Agreement or in any other agreement entered into at the time such Content is retrieved (such as a Content License Agreement).

3. Registration and Account Security
As for your use of the Site, you agree to: (a) provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information about you in Website Registration Form (“Registration Information”); (b) Immediately Update and Hold Registry Information and Other Information You Provide HOMITO updated, current and complete, (c) keep your username and password secret, (d) notify HOMITO immediately of unauthorized use of your account or other security breach; (e) assume all responsibility for any activity arising from the use of your account and (f) take all risks of unauthorized access to Registration Information and other information that you provide to HOMITO.

4. Conduct
You agree not to use the Site for purposes that are illegal or prohibited by this Agreement. You agree that when you transfer content to or communicate through the Site, including in forums, chat rooms or other exchanges (one & apos; Forum) accessed through the Website, you shall not do any of the following (including without limitation):

◦ Predict, commit, harass, harass or threaten others or otherwise violate others’ legal rights (as privacy).
◦ Publish, post, distribute or disseminate content or material that is offensive, offensive, offensive, pornographic, sexual, vulgar or illegal.
◦ Upload or otherwise transfer files containing software or other material protected by intellectual property rights (or privacy or confidentiality rights) if you do not own the rights or have been granted the necessary permissions.
◦ Upload or otherwise transfer files containing viruses, corrupted files, or other similar software that may damage or restrict the functionality of other computers.
◦ Delete copyright notices, legal notices, or proprietary notices or labels in any uploaded file.
◦ Fake the origin or source of software or material contained in a transferred file.
◦ Advertise or offer to sell goods or services or conduct or forward surveys, competitions or chain letters.
◦ Retrieve files uploaded by other users in a Forum if you know or reasonably should know that these can not be legally distributed.
◦ Use communications or Content or other information you receive through the Website in a manner that complies with the Site or HOMITO business.

5. You confirm that Forum Communication is open to all, not private. In addition, you acknowledge that no communications relating to any third party or content are supported by HOMITO and that no third party or content content is deemed to have been reviewed, selected or approved by HOMITO. In accordance with the terms below, HOMITO reserves the right, for whatever reason and without notice, to remove communications, Content, or other material posted on the Site.
You also agree not to use the Site in any way which may damage, disable, overburden or impair the Site or interfere with any other Party’s use and experience of the Site. You also agree not to attempt to gain unauthorized access to other HOMITO members’ accounts, computer systems or networks associated with the Site. You also agree not to obtain or attempt to obtain material or information in ways not made available or provided through the Site.

6. Content Management
HOMITO shall not and may not review any communications or content contained on the Site and is not responsible for the contents of such communications or such Content. Without prejudice to the foregoing, HOMITO reserves the right to remove, move or edit any Communication or Content such as HOMITO, at its sole discretion, to violate or violate this Membership Agreement or otherwise not deemed acceptable. You are solely responsible for all communications made and all Content you upload under your Member Name. HOMITO has the right, but not the obligation, to correct errors or omissions in Content, which are determined at their sole discretion. You confirm that any review of Content performed by HOMITO to judge Accepted Content only occurs as a courtesy.
HOMITO respects other people’s intellectual property rights, and we ask our users to do the same. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that infringes copyright or your intellectual property rights have been violated in any other way, please inform HOMITO of this violation as instructed in Notifications and Notices for Notifying Violations in the Terms of Service.

7. Confidential Information
You confirm that the Confidential Information (defined below) that is obtained when you enter into this Membership Agreement and using the Site constitutes valuable, confidential and proprietary information belonging to HOMITO and their licensors. You agree that, during the term of the Membership Agreement and beyond, you may not use or disclose to any other Person this Confidential Information without the written consent of HOMITO, except to the extent specifically permitted under this Membership Agreement or as required by applicable law.
For the purposes of this Membership Agreement, & ldquo; Confidential Information & rdquo; constitute data, information, documents, software or materials relating to HOMITO’s business and management, its members, partners, licensors or licensors, and which are classified as confidential or reasonable, may include confidential, including but not limited to: business models and operations, processes, products, designs, prices, promotions, business plans, business opportunities, finance, research, development, know-how, company secrets, educational materials, staff, customers, methods, website content belonging to others as well as other intellectual property rights.

8. Indemnity
You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless HOMITO and their partners and their respective executives, employees, employees, shareholders, partners and agents (collectively “HOMITO Parties”) from and against claims, obligations, losses, expenses and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees on a legal and client basis) incurred by HOMITO parties in connection with: (i) use or alleged use of the Site under your Member Name, performed by any person, whether permitted by you, (ii) or as a consequence of communications made or Content uploaded under your Member Name, or (iii) you violate this Membership Agreement. HOMITO reserves the right, at your expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter that is otherwise subject to remission of you, and in such event you agree to cooperate with HOMITO’s defense regarding these claims.

9. Duration and termination
This Membership Agreement is valid until terminated. You may terminate this Membership Agreement at any time by contacting us or through any other written communication approved by HOMITO, which will allow confirmation of your identity and your intention to terminate. HOMITO reserves the right at any time, at its sole discretion, to restrict, disable or terminate your right to access the Site Membership, for any reason and without notice or liability. HOMITO may at any time change, disable or terminate all or part of the Site, including any feature, database, or Content availability, without notice or liability.
HOMITO may also terminate or disable your access to the Site’s member areas as a result of inactivity, which is defined as not having visited the Site’s Members Area for an extended period of time reasonably determined by HOMITO.
The termination of this Membership Agreement does not relieve you of the obligation to pay the amounts payable to HOMITO under this Membership Agreement or your obligation not to use the Site’s Membership or Content except in the manner permitted under this Membership Agreement or any other agreement entered into at that time when such Content is downloaded (such as a Content License Agreement). Termination of this Membership Agreement shall be without prejudice to HOMITO’s rights, defense and liability limitations as set out in this Membership Agreement. These rights, defense and liability restrictions shall continue to apply in spite of termination of this Membership Agreement.
When your access to the Site Membership Site is terminated, you agree to waive all credits for download that you have left in your account.

10. Disclaimer
The Website, including all content on this, is provided in its sole discretion without any express or implied warranties, warranties or terms, including but not limited to implied warranties, warranties or terms of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. HOMITO does not warrant and does not warrant that the site or any content complies with your requirements or that its use shall be free from interruptions or errors.
HOMITO does not claim and does not warrant that the website or any content available for download from the site is free from viruses or similar contamination or destructive items.

12. Age and responsibility
You certify that you meet legal age requirements to use the Site and undertake binding legal obligations for any damages you may incur as a result of your use of the Site. You agree to be responsible for all your use of the Website (as well as the use of your Member Name made by others, including but not limited to minors in your household). You agree to monitor minors’ use of the Site under your name or account.

13. Applicable law
The site is managed, operated and administered by HOMITO from Sweden. The site can be visited from other countries around the world. Each jurisdiction has laws that may differ from the laws of the province of Sweden, and when you visit the Site, you hereby acknowledge and agree that this Membership Agreement is governed by the laws of Sweden and applied there (without reference to its electoral rules). You hereby irrevocably accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Sweden regarding the subject matter of this in the Membership Agreement. This Membership Agreement is not governed by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Purchase of Goods, and its application is expressly excluded.
You agree to notify you of any necessary notices or processes relating to you by e-mail, recommended letter or express delivery with proof of delivery addressed to the address or contact information you provided at the time when you first gained access to the Site’s member areas, or to Other addresses that you have given us in writing from time to time.
Any disputes arising out of, during or in connection with this Membership Agreement, including but not limited to its validity, interpretation, performance and infringement, shall be resolved by arbitration in Stockholm, Sweden, in the form applicable at the time of the arbitration proceedings requested.
If HOMITO is required to go to court or arbitration tribunal to enforce any of its rights or to collect any fees, you agree to replace HOMITO for attorney’s fees, other expenses and expenses on HOMITO are successful.

14. General
You specifically consent to and confirm that you have, in addition to the terms of this Membership Agreement, reviewed the terms of the Terms of Use and other agreements that may be incorporated by reference herein, and you agree to be bound by them to the extent that they are incorporated into them.
HOMITO’s failure to insist on or enforce strict compliance with any provision of this Membership Agreement shall not be construed as a disclaimer of any provision or right.
If all or part of any provision of this Membership Agreement is wholly or partially unenforceable, the Parties shall, or if the Parties can not agree, a competent court, replace all or part of a provision with an enforceable provision or provisions that are so close as possible reflects the terms of the illegible provision or its parts. This Agreement applies to you personally and may not be transferred by you without the prior written consent of HOMITO. HOMITO may transfer this Agreement without your consent to another party if such party agrees to be bound by its terms.
The parties have requested that this Membership Agreement and all documents relating thereto be drawn up in English.

15. Contact
If you have any questions regarding the Site or this Membership Agreement, please contact us.

16. Confirmation
You acknowledge that you have read through this membership agreement, understood it and consented to be bound by its terms and conditions. You also acknowledge that this is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between you and HOMITO and that it supersedes all suggestions or prior agreements, oral or written, and any other communication between you and HOMITO regarding the agreement.