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This site is owned and operated by HOMITO (“HOMITO”). Access to and use of the Website is provided to you by HOMITO on the understanding that you agree to these Terms of Use and by visiting or using the Site, you are deemed to agree to these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to approve and comply with these Terms of Use, do not visit or use the Site.
HOMITO may revise and update these Terms of Service at any time without notice. We ask you to review the Terms of Use published on the Site on a regular basis. If you visit or use the Site after the publication of changes, this shall be deemed to constitute your approval of these changes.

1. Use of the Website
The site and its content (“Content”) are intended for HOMITO customers. You may not use this Site or Content for purposes that do not concern your business relations with HOMITO. You are specifically prohibited from: (a) retrieving, copying, or re-uploading all or part of the Site or Content without, or in violation of, a written license or agreement from HOMITO; (b) use data mining, robots or similar methods to collect or extract data; (c) manipulate or otherwise display the Site or Content through Framing or other navigation technology; (d) register, subscribe to, unsubscribe or attempt to register, subscribe or unsubscribe to any of HOMITO’s products or services to any party unless you explicitly have been granted permission from this party to this, and (e) use the Site or Content for non-intended purposes, which are entirely determined by HOMITO’s sole discretion, including but not limited to persuading, commit abuse attack, harass, pursue or threaten others or otherwise violate the legal rights of others cats (like the right to privacy) and / or to publish, post, distribute or disseminate any content or material that is libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, sexual, vulgar or illegal.
You may not interfere with or otherwise abuse the Site or any system resources, services or networks linked to or accessible through the Site. You may only use the Site for legal purposes.

2. Intangible property
All material (including how the material is organized and presented) on the Site (“Material”) belongs to HOMITO and its licensors and may be protected by intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademarks, trade names, domain names and other similar rights.
If you have not entered into a separate agreement with HOMITO, as a royalty-free license agreement, any other use of the Material without HOMITO’s written permission shall be prohibited.
The material may only be used and copied for your private, non-commercial, personal or educational purposes, provided that the Materials are not changed and copyright or other intellectual property rights are not removed. You may not create derivative works from or otherwise exploit the Materials in any way.
We also appreciate all comments and other suggestions about our services that you send to us, but you understand that we may use such comments and suggestions without obligation to compensate for them.

3. Brands
HOMITO and HEY HOMITO WHATS UP? and other names of products or services or slogans found on the Site are trademarks of HOMITO and their suppliers or licensors and may not be copied, imitated or used, either in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of HOMITO or the current owner of mark. You may not use meta tags or other “hidden text” that includes “HOMITO” or any other name, trademark or name of a product or service belonging to HOMITO without first obtaining our written permission. In addition, the Site’s appearance, including page headings, custom graphics, button icons and scripts, shall constitute HOMITO’s Service Tag, Trademark and / or Designer Profile, and may not be copied, imitated or used, either in whole or in part, without first obtaining our written permission. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned on the Website belong to their respective owners. Reference to other products, services, processes or other information, by trade names, trademarks, manufacturers, suppliers, or otherwise does not constitute and does not imply any recommendation, sponsorship or any support of the same from our site.

4. Privacy
HOMITO strives to protect the protection of personal information belonging to the individuals we interact with. We have developed a Website Privacy Statement describing our privacy policy and practices and how we collect, use and share personal information of individuals who visit our site. For more information, see our Privacy Statement for the Site.

5. Website timeliness
HOMITO regularly updates the information on the Site. HOMITO, however, can not guarantee or accept any liability or any obligation that the information on the Website is accurate, current or complete. HOMITO may revise, expand or remove information, services and / or resources on the Site and reserves the right to make such changes without notifying previous, existing or potential visitors.

6. Linked Sites
The site may contain links to third party websites for your convenience. The provision of these links should not imply that HOMITO monitors or supports these websites. HOMITO accepts no responsibility for these sites. HOMITO shall not be liable or liable, directly or indirectly, for damages or losses arising or alleged to arise as a result of or in connection with the use or trust of information, content, goods or services available on or through third party websites or linked resources.

7. Internet program or computer virus
The technical difficulties that the Internet entails causes Internet programs or transmission issues to cause incorrect or incomplete information to be displayed on the Site. Computer viruses or other malware can also be accidentally downloaded from the site.
HOMITO shall not be liable or liable for software, computer viruses or other destructive, malicious or interfering files or programs that may infect or otherwise affect your use of your computer equipment or other property as a result of access to, use or visit of the Site or Downloading Material from Website. HOMITO recommends that you install appropriate antivirus software or other protection software.

8. Website and Material are provided in the current state
The Site and the Material are provided in the current state without any express or implied warranties, warranties or terms, including but not limited to implied warranties, warranties or terms of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. HOMITO does not claim and does not warrant that the site or material meets your requirements or the use of these shall be free from interruptions or errors.

9. Limitation of Liability
You take the responsibility and the risk of using the Site and the material, including without limitation information contained therein.
Under no circumstances shall HOMITO or any of their officers, officers, employees, shareholders, partners or agents be liable for unforeseen, indirect, punitive, deterrent or consequential damages (including compensation for loss of profits, discontinuation of business information or other financial loss) in in connection with any claims, losses, damages, actions, court proceedings or other proceedings arising under or as a consequence of this agreement, including but not limited to the use, trust, access to or use of the Site, the material or any portion thereof, or any rights granted under this agreement, even if HOMITO has been informed of the risk of such damage, irrespective of whether the action is based on contract, violation (including negligence), intellectual property infringement or otherwise.
In each case, HOMITO’s total collective liability under these terms of use or in connection with the use or use of all or part of the Site or the Material shall in any way not exceed five Euro (5,00 €).
In some jurisdictions, no limitation or exclusivity of liability for incidental or consequential damages is allowed and therefore the above limit or exclusion may not apply to you.

10. The compensation
You agree to indemnify and hold HOMITO harmless from and against any claims or obligations incurred by HOMITO as a result of or in connection with or against you or anyone acting for you to violate these Terms of Service.

11. Notifications and procedures for reporting violations
HOMITO LP respects the copyrights of others, and we ask that our users do the same. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that infringes copyright or your intellectual property rights have been violated in any other way, please inform HOMITO with a written notice to our CEO that contains the following essential information:
a. an electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act for the copyright owner or other intellectual property interest
b. a description of the copyrighted work or intangible property that you believe has been violated
c. A description of where the infringing material is on the Site
d. your address, your phone number and your e-mail address
e. a statement from you stating that you have good reason to believe that the disputed use is not approved by the copyright owner, their agent or law
f. A statement of your opinion that the information in your notification is correct and that you own the copyright or intellectual property or you have authority to act for the copyright owner or intangible property.

12. Address the message to our CEO at the following address:
HOMITO / Passion for Homes
Värdshusslingan 11
11265 Stockholm


13. E-mail
Please visit our contact us page. The Internet is not a safe medium and any communication may disappear, revert or change. HOMITO is not responsible for any damage caused by communication to or from the Site. For information provided by us through the Website or E-mail, you agree to:
◦ HOMITO has no obligations for such information
◦ The information is not confidential
◦ HOMITO may use, share, distribute or copy the information and may use any ideas, concepts or know-how in the information for any purpose without compensation
◦ The information is true and that the disclosure of the information does not violate other people’s legal rights.

14. Applicable law
This site is managed, operated and administered by HOMITO in Sweden. This site can be visited from other countries around the world. Each jurisdiction has laws that may differ from the laws in Sweden, and when you visit the Site, you hereby acknowledge and agree that all questions regarding access to or use of the Site are governed by the laws of Sweden and applied there (without reference to its law of choice) .
You also agree that any claims or disputes arising under these terms shall be transferred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Sweden and confirm that you do this voluntarily.

15. General
HOMITO’s failure to insist on or enforce any compliance with any of these Terms of Use shall not be construed as a disclaimer of any provision or right.
If all or part of any provision of these Terms of Use can not be executed in full or in part, the Parties, or, if the Parties can not agree, a competent court, shall replace all or part of a provision with an enforceable provision or provisions that are so close as possible reflects the terms of the illegible provision or its parts.
The parties have requested that these Terms of Use and all documents relating to it be drawn up in English.

16. Contact
If you have any questions about the site or our Terms of Use, please contact us.